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Meet the Animals!



Piper is our main Mama Goat! She is our herd queen and keeps all the other goats in line. Her nickname is Pipes, as she is the loudest of our goats, and her favorite snack is fresh green beans.


Lucy is a 2 year old Nubian doe and is currently an expecting first time mama
We often compare her to a bratty teenager. Although pregnancy has definitely softened her. She would now rather be pet and snuggled than roam or run crazy, she’s the best out of all our hooved friends at standing on the milk stand (for hoof trimmings so far but her day for milking is coming soon!). She’s also quieter than the others. You can often find her laying by the gate or over hanging out with the rabbits.
Her nickname is Lucy Goose and we couldn’t imagine our little farm without her!



Twinkie is our newest little boy! Born right at the end of february, we retained him for his beautiful moonspots. He the son of our lovely Piper and just as sweet as his name implies!


Our Valentine's Buck, Moonpie joined us Fabruary 14 of 2021 as an 8 week old buck. This sweet boy is covered in gorgeous moonspots. He loves attention and is a big snuggler.



Nessie is currently the newest addition to our farm. This sweet girl is a jersey cross dairy cow and an expecting mama!


Johnny is our Flemish Giant Buck. Johnny is the second longest resident of Little Sprout Ridge and heavily loved.



Eloise is our Flemish Giant Doe. She is an excellent Mama and has been a part of the Little Sprout Ridge Family for a year now.

Cotton Tail

This sweet girl is the Daughter of Eloise. She can be a little standoffish but once she warms up, is as sweet as can be. She is only a few months old an a wonderful addition to our ridge.


The Colonel and his Ladies

The Colonel is our resident rooster. He looks after 5 hens. You can find this bunch roosted up in their coop or digging through the garden for insect snacks. We raise Buff Orpingtons and quite frankly, think they're the best. These dual purpose birds have a wonderfully gentle temperament and are perfectly suited for a family homestead such as ours.

Meet the Homestead: Team Members
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